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live appearances coming!

                                             Appearance at The Vreeland Store                                                                                             Saturday  August 26, 2023   6:00-8:00PM

Rupert & Scheetz 

1383 Macopin Rd West Milford NJ 07480, 973-874-0860. thevreelandstore.com

                           Well – Sweep Herb Farm “Fall Festival and Craft Market”                                                Saturday afternoon  September 2, (time to be determined) 

Rupert&Scheetz featuring Vanessa Viscomi
205 Mount Bethel Rd Port Murray NJ 07865 908-852-5390. wellsweep.com

                            Well – Sweep Herb Farm “Fall Festival and Craft Market”                                                Sunday afternoon  September 3, (time to be determined) 

Rupert & Scheetz 
205 Mount Bethel Rd Port Murray NJ 07865 908-852-5390. wellsweep.com
    The Heritage Room Coffee House at the Titusville Presbyterian Church       
 Saturday evening Sept 16 6:30 – 8:30pm
Rupert & Scheetz featuring Vanessa Viscomi
48 River Drive Titusville NJ 08560. Please call 609-737-1385 for ticket information. titusvillechurch.org
Appearance at Vreeland Store
Saturday evening Sept 23, 6 – 8pm
Rupert&Scheetz  at The Vreeland Store ” Harvest Festival “
1383 Macopin Rd West Milford NJ 07480,  973-874-0860. thevreelandstore.com

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Music for you

It doesn't get any more real than this

Our songs are written with heart and soul. take a look into our songwriting and recording via our social media.

Recorded for your own purpose

the main idea behind this collaboration is to get our songs out there for the world to listen and find the right people to license our music for their products.

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we can now be found on youtube.


streaming around the world

We are working on a lifetime goal to have our our music be heard around the world. 

Every week we  write and compose new songs. We are reaching our goals thanks to GettyImages, Pandora Radio, Amazon Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, and more!

explore the studio

Want a closer look into each of our songs? 

Check out our new releases page (coming soon) where you can find lyrics and information on what our thoughts were while writing each song. We’re always in search of something new and exciting to create and perform.

Rupert and Scheetz Music Deerfarm Boodink

request custom music

Do you have a specific project that needs music?  We can work with you to create that piece of music you are missing fpr you project. 

Visit our contact page and fill out the small form to reach us. 

-released august 2021-



Rupert and Scheetz, feat vanessa viscomi:
two eagles cd

This album is a musical microcosm of the year 2020.

Most of this album was recorded remotely in our respective ‘home studios’ with Tim piecing it all together in his masterful way.

We are extremely proud to present this project of our original material, a real labor of love, especially with the addition of the beautiful vocals from Vanessa on many of our numbers.

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Rupert and Scheetz Music Mountain Heritage Stories

-released april 2020-



mountain heritage: stories cd

The Story behind ‘Stories’… Quite a lot of life has happened since we released our last CD in 2008. We’ve gained and lost family and friends.

We’ve played music for many wonderful people and have been blessed in so many ways. In these last ten years we’ve not only been busy playing, we’ve been busy writing as well. 

The songs you see listed on this album are all songs written by us. They are songs about people, subjects, and events that we’ve known in our lives.

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lyric writing

We Write All of Our Songs

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