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Some of today's Best Acoustic Artists

Cousins Bruce Rupert and Tim Scheetz exemplify the best in the synergistic panorama of Bill Monroe’s creation to the inventiveness of todays acoustic artists. The boys have learned their lessons from life and possess the instincts to express themselves coherently. With one ear to Bluegrass’s origins and an eye to a respectful vision of the music’s future, Rupert and Scheetz present a rare kaleidoscopic view of today’s music that matters the most in a manner that pleases every listener.
Rich Evans
WDVR 89.7FM Radio Host

Professional and fun songwriters

I have had the pleasure, no, honor of playing with Bruce and Tim for quite a while now. The songs they write are professional and fun, always telling a good story in a fantastic way. Happy to be associated with them.
Mike Olenick
bluegrass & country artist

That Blood Harmony is there

I have long been impressed with the songwriting of Bruce Rupert and Tim Scheetz--especially the way they research their subject matter. The mandolin and guitar core of their music hearkens back to the 'brother duets' of the 1930s and 40s, and in their case the vocal blend is similar, as they are cousins--and that blood harmony is there. I have worked and recorded with them for a few years on the Beth Coleman Band, playing Dobro, and have always been impressed at the rehearsals when they would introduce a new one of their original songs, which were always of top quality. Their songs come to full fruition in a band situation, though even as an acoustic duo, their songwriting stands solid, whether one wants to consider them as traditional or contemporary songwriters and musicians.
Bill Turner
entertainer, former lead guitarist for Bill Haley and the Comets

these fellas have it all

Individually they are talented but combined they are extraordinary! The ability to paint pictures with their lyrics is brilliant; "Mother Leeds," if you've never heard of the Jersey Devil you'll feel like you grew up next door for sure. Well produced, skilled musicianship and fantastic live performers; these fellas have it all...
Danny Coleman
Radio personality COA Radio & wwfm 89.1 FM

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