Two Eagles – Bruce Rupert

I wrote this song in March 2020, at the start of this pandemic that sadly , at the time I am writing this ( September 2021), is still hanging around. I was greatly anticipating my first public appearance with Vanessa Viscomi, where Tim and I were to perform a few Irish numbers with her. Sadly, due to the situation, it was cancelled. Little did any of us know EVERYTHING was going to be cancelled within a week or so….

The Saturday of the cancelled show, feeling blue, I decided to take my binoculars and go for a hike at a local nature preserve. As I was hiking I saw a young boy and his father staring up into a tree. I walked by them and noticed they were looking at two magnificent adult bald eagles sitting side by side on a branch.. I had never seen this before…and I did something that would soon be unthinkable..I let them borrow my binoculars to look at these two eagles while standing right next to them. Then I went home and within a couple hours completed this song. I was honored to have this song selected as the title track of our Rupert&Scheetz debut album.

The song takes the perspective of these two eagles looking down at us, all of us who were about to have our lives changed…. In a week they would have no one to gaze down upon…. the nature preserve would be closed for months..

This song was also my first attempt at recording at home. Tim exhibited tremendous patience in talking me “off the ledge” since I have no engineering or technical skills, but I managed to record a song I am very proud of!

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